History of college

The high-rise three-storey building, located in the center of the village of Shieli, is a professional and general educational institution for young people. If we talk about a university with a half-century history, we can see that new pages of genealogy have opened. The school was opened in November 1958 in winter in Baygekum by the decision of the Southern Regional Directorate of the Main Directorate “Labor Reserves” under the Council of Ministers of the USSR, School of Agricultural Mechanization No. 797.

Veteran of the Great Patriotic War Nurmakhan Kasymov was appointed director of the university. Toleuov Api, Deputy Director for Academic Affairs, Kosnazarov B., Assistant Director for Culture and Public Relations, Kuandykov Akylbek, Senior Master of Production, teachers: Kozhamzharov K., Taimbetov A., Ismailov A., Taukelova K., Kadyrov, tirelessly who worked to train a skilled and educated young generation. Sh, Kabulov T., Ismailov A., Ivanchukov V., Utebayev K., Khodzhabekov O., Syzdykov Sh., Bakirov Sh., Palymbetov A., Gaynazarov B., Menlibaev K., Nurmakhanov A., A. Such teachers , like Atashev, Tazhimbetov Y., Duysebaev S., Revin P.A., Payzekeev Kaldybai, were the first teachers of the university with a strong and hardworking, multifaceted approach.

 In 1962-1963, under the leadership of Bakirov Shatlanbek Bakirovich, he participated in strengthening the material and technical base of the school, equipping classrooms.

In 1964 Nalibayev Ibraikhan Nalibayevich was appointed director of the Baigekum rural vocational school. Deputy Director for Training and Production Syzdykov Shymkent, Utebayev Kydyr Beknazarovich, Deputy Director for Training and Education Duisenov Musakhan Duisenovich, Master of Industrial Training Kuandykov Akylbek, Assistant Director for Economics Kalzhanov Ermekbay, Industrial training Menlibayev Kalmatov, Gaynahanbayatov Duysebaev Seytkhan worked together. At that time there were 6 classrooms, 3 laboratories, 1 locksmith’s office, 1 canteen for 60 people, 1 carpentry workshop, 1 library, 8 separate dormitories.

Duisenov Musakhan Dyusenovich, Dosanov Adilkhan Pirmanovich, Mambetbaev Duisenov Adilkhan Pirmanovich, Mambetbaev Dissenov Adilkhan Pirmanovich attracted students to study. Of course, it was not easy to teach these young people how to mechanize. However, the school staff worked together and took it with dignity. The first group – 200 children from Ukraine – was placed in hostels, provided with food, clothing and bedding. School director Nalibaev Ibraikhan Nalibayevich, deputy for education Duisenov Musakhan Dyusenovich, physical education teacher Ukitaev Myrzaly have done a lot in the field of education.

In January 1965, following the results of the republican socialist competition, the 797th School of Agricultural Mechanization took third place and was awarded the Red Banner.

In March this year, rice was planted in the school along the Telekol canal in order to develop the agricultural sector. Drivers-instructors: Tazhimbetov Y., Alpysbaev T., Ramankulov M. and Berkinov Umirzak did a great job of transporting the harvested rice. As the initiator of such good deeds, the videographer has always been able to make a living.

On September 20, 1965, the school was renamed into the rural vocational technical school No. 97. This year Menlibaev Zhetpis and Bolatov Begaidar were accepted as Masters of industrial training. Menlibayev was an active participant in the “Seventy Dombras” orchestra.

In the 1970s, an amateur group was created at the school, and three times the winner in the region was awarded the TV “Crimea” and a complex dombra orchestra. The organizer of the amateur circle was the Master of Industrial Training Myrzakhmet Akhmetov.

№97 Agricultural mechanization

School (AMS) (1958)

Nurmakhan Kassymov in 1959-1961

Baigekum №97 Director of AMS

Bakirov Shatlanbek Bakirovich

1960 -1963 Baigekum AMS

Head of Academic Affairs, Director

Nalibayevich Ibraikhan Nalibayevich

From 1964 to 1971 he was the director of rural vocational school

Club of amateur artists  1970 y

In 1970, Kalekeev Zhamantai Zhumalievich was hired as a physical education teacher. Particular attention was paid to the fact that young people are engaged in sports and become physically healthy young professionals. As a result, part of the young professionals who left school, became well-known in the region and in the country. , Moldakarayev Ubaydulla. In 1970. In connection with the 100th anniversary of Lenin’s birth, the director of the university Nalibayev Ibraikhan Nalibayevich and the deputy director for educational work Duissenov Musakhan Dyusenovich were awarded the medal “100 years of Lenin”.

Since the 1970s, locksmiths who have been trained at a machine-tractor station in the country have been retrained in connection with the modernization of equipment. In connection with this, many farms opened branches of schools and organized short-term training. Outfit with youth, outfit with time, graduated and university. Who knew that our  girls, trained in this training, will become “Heroes of Labor”, which the world learns with time? Batyrana, Hero of Socialist Labor Ulbala Altaibaeva, Hero of Socialist Labor Shyrynkul Kazanbaeva, Hero of Socialist Labor Zahira Yerzhanova. Taspambetova, Sultan Aitasov, mechanic of the Order “Badge of Honor” – our alumni, people who have become the pride of our country.

In February 1971, the collective of rural vocational schools No. 97 for the second time became the winner of the All-Union socialist competition, receiving the Red Banner.

In July of this year, Nalibayev Ibraikhan Nalibayevich was transferred to the position of head of the general department of the Kyzylorda regional executive committee. Having worked in this position for 17 years, the hard-working citizen Nalibayev Ibrayhan Nalibayevich in 1988 retired at the republican level.

In August 1971, Syzdykov was appointed director of the Shymkent school, previously worked as a teacher, deputy director for teaching and production work.

In 1972, the school took third place in the All-Russian competition. Musakhan Dyusenovich Duissenov, deputy director for educational work, who led this victory, was awarded the badge “Winner of Socialist Competition” this year.

In 1973, a number of teachers were recruited by qualified specialists with higher education, such as Shaizhanov Dautbay, Nurullaev Adilbek.

New settlement, new requirements

In 1975, under the auspices of the state, in the middle of the Shieli winter, the construction of a new model school began. The educational building consisted of 3 floors, a 5-storey hostel, 14 classrooms, 10 educational laboratories, a garage for cars and agricultural machinery, a locksmith and carpenter, an electric gas welder, a lathe and a carpentry workshop. In addition, the school had a canteen for 100 people, an assembly hall for 200 people, and a very large gym. A boiler consisting of 6 stoves was used to heat these buildings. 18-apartment buildings were provided for teachers and masters of industrial training (all conditions were created). This year, after moving to a new location and due to a change in the curriculum, the school was renamed into the Rural Secondary Vocational School No. 97.

In 1978, in connection with the transfer of the deputy director for educational work, Kydyr Utebayev, to the post of chief engineer of the Lenin collective farm Amangeldy Sadibekov, he was appointed deputy director for educational work.

On September 1, 1980, the 4th study group began classes in a new typical building in the village of Shieli. Raushanbek Zhumadilov was appointed to the new position of the head of the department for educational work, as he provides students with secondary education in addition to the specialty.

In 1981, for the first year, 6 training groups were formed, a total of 10 training groups. In total, more than 300 young students have been trained in a wide range of specialties as tractor drivers for 3 years with secondary education and specialization. Isakhanov Umirzak was hired as the head of an experimental farm, which was opened for the purpose of practical application of the knowledge gained by the students of the school. Many new teachers and trainees have been hired this year. In particular: masters of industrial training Adilov Meiram, Syzdykov Makhmut, Abdykarimov Serik, Sandybaev Almas, Duysenbaev Nysanbai, Zhurkabaev Kopbai. Otarova Gulsara, Usmanova Ainagul, Makhashova Ulbosyn, Aliakparova Guldana, Akhmetova Roza, Aydaralieva Pernesh, Aisauov Kairat, Shaikhova Tursyn, Serikbeva Darikha, Asanov Sartai, Ibragimov Tanbolat worked in general subjects.

3/2 of the machine operators working in the area of ​​agriculture are graduates of our school. Many graduates of higher and secondary specialized educational institutions remained by profession of a teacher in the nest where they flew. For example, Polatov Kulashbek Zhabagievich, Nurmakhanov Musakhan, Amanbaev Abdimaulen Altynbekovich, Utebayev Arysbay Kydyrovich, Utebayev Pernebay Kydyrovich, Belgibaeva Kunsulu, Ashirkhanov Isakhan Bekmashevich.

In February 1981, the Central Committee of the Communist Party of Kazakhstan, the Presidium of the Supreme Soviet of the Kazakh SSR, the Council of Ministers of the Kazakh SSR were awarded the Golden Book of Honor for industry, construction, agriculture, transport and other economic facilities of the Kazakh SSR. a decree was adopted on the introduction of Duissen Pazylkhan, master of industrial training in 97 rural secondary vocational educational institutions, was also awarded this award.

From June 1984 to December 1986 the school was headed by Duisenbek Yermakhanov. Sh. Syzdykov, deputy director for training and production, in 1985, Zh. Alzhanov, deputy director for training and production, and Seitkarim Omarov, senior master of industrial training. Abdiev Kural Erdenovich, who graduated from college in 1977, worked as a master of industrial training, in 1989 – a senior master of industrial training, in 2010 – deputy director for management and economics.

In 1985, a graduate of the technical school in 1977 (former school No. 97) Nurmakhanov Musakhan Zharylkasynovich became a master of industrial training.

Isaak Ospanov became the head of the school since March 1987. Deputy Director for Academic Affairs Shaizhanov Dautbay, Deputy Director for Education Zhienbek Moldabekov, Assistant Director for Economics Arynov Kurban, Senior Master of Production Abdiev Kural, Head of the Education Department Zeynabil Berkinbaev, Chief Accountant Aydar Sarsenbayev, Doctor Saule Suleimenova contributed to the development of the school.

Syzdykov Shymkent

From 1971 to 1984 he was the director of the school

In 1987, at the Shieli vocational school №11, a dombra club was created, which subsequently presented its art to the public, and then the orchestra of national instruments “Zhas Kanat” was created. Alimbayev Bektai Kuzembaevich was appointed the artistic director. The orchestra consisted of thirty-two performers. Among them are masters of science, such as Abdrakhmanov Batyrkhan, Zhussupbekov Beknazar, Altayev Sharkhan, Ayupova Gulbaram, Belgibaeva Kunsulu, Utebayev Pernebay, Zhurkabaev Kopbai: Tazhikov Zhalgas, Dalakabaibaytaeva Natalya, Turistratova Turistratova.


The repertoire of the orchestra of national instruments of vocational school No. 11 includes folk songs and kyuis, works of Kazakh composers Kurmangazy, Dina, Turkesh, Sugir, A. Zhubanov, K. Kumisbekov and others. Kui and compositions by composers sounded for the orchestra. The audience was presented with several literary and musical, dance and musical compositions.


In 1989, Polatov Kulashbek Zhabagievich, a 1974 graduate of the village vocational school number 797, was admitted to the master’s degree in industrial training.


In 1990, a group of young akyns from the orchestra was sent to the final stage of the regional aitys among students and took first place in aitys with a similar group of akyns from Zhalagash district.


The orchestra regularly took part in various cultural events of the region, such as “Labor Day”, “Nauryz”, “May”, “Golden Autumn”. In particular, it was noted that on August 23-25, 1989, on the basis of the Shieli vocational school, engineers and teachers held at the highest level all the musical and cultural events of the 1st regional maslikhat. The final concert program of the Maslikhat was completely performed by the “Zhas Kanat” orchestra. The next part of the concert program was given to the Zhas Kanat Orchestra at the II Regional August Conference of Engineers and Teachers, which took place in Tasboget in 1990. This is evidenced by the fact that among the above-mentioned diplomas and certificates of Bektai Alimbayev in 1989 was the first deputy chairman of the regional committee “Agriculture” T. Ramazanov, and in 1990 the head of the regional association “Agrokadrlar” Zh.Kulymgaliev was awarded with certificates.


In October 1990, after a welcoming speech by the then Chairman of the Supreme Soviet of the Kazakh SSR N.A. Nazarbayev’s orchestra “Zhas Kanat” was specially invited to Almaty to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the vocational school and the opening of this noisy event at the Republican exhibition of peoples’ achievements. was. The festive concert, opened by Kurmangazy’s kyu “Adai”, filled the Almaty sky with music for an hour and a half. It was a great honor for us, for all the cheese. Republican (and even Arabic-language “Shalkar”) periodicals competed for the existence of such an orchestra in only one school. The next day, the Zhas Kanat orchestra recorded a 50-minute concert on the then Kazakh TV channel under the direction of Serik Baykhonov and left it at the republican Altyn Koryn, which was soon broadcast on Kazakh television. In March 1992, the Zhas Kanat Orchestra was nominated for the title of People’s.


In general, the great success of the “Zhas Kanat” orchestra was achieved thanks to the support and assistance of the then director of the school Iskak Ospanov, the leaders of the Kyzylorda regional committee “Agroindustry”, the orchestra was allocated stage costumes and musical instruments. The costumes were sewn by the staff of the workshop of the Kazakh Theater Society in Almaty, and the instruments were specially brought from Almaty. And here Isaak Ospanov is very fond of national art. He even supported Bektai Alimbaev in then allocating a room in the school’s dormitory and opening the “Historical and Ethnographic Museum”. The photograph of S. Khutaev, who photographed this museum, was published in 1992 on the front page of the newspaper “Egemendi Kazakhstan”.


In 1988, in connection with the retirement of the deputy director for educational work Moldabekov Zhyembek, he was replaced by Aytenova Nysankul.


This year, at the suggestion of the director of the university Isaak Ospanov, the August meeting of engineers and teachers of 17 vocational schools of the Kyzylorda region was first held outside the regional center, in our school. This places great responsibility on all school staff. However, all members of the team were criticized under the motto “One University – One Goal.” Representatives and guests from the State Committee for Vocational Education of the Kazakh SSR, the Kyzylorda Regional Communist Party, the Regional Executive Committee of People’s Deputies and other institutions, who took part in the August meeting and got acquainted with the educational and material base of the school, expressed sincere gratitude to the team.

Galymzhan Makhambetov, a 1991 graduate of the school (now a technical school), is currently an individual entrepreneur providing fuel and lubricants to 50-60% of the households in the Shilshinsky district. He is an honorary citizen contributing to the growth of the district’s economy.

High peaks ahead

In 2001-2002, engineers-teachers Shaizhanov Dautbay and Serikbayeva Dariga developed and approved the Standard of Compulsory State Education of the Republic of Kazakhstan with a degree in Forestry Master and is currently in force. 24 students were admitted to this specialty.

In February 2002, Ulzhan Isakhanovna Espanova was replaced by the deputy director for education, and in September this year Polatov Kulashbek Zhabagievich was replaced by the deputy director for training and production.

In November 2003, Anlamasova Umitkul was hired as a psychologist, and from April 2013 to the present, she honorably holds the position of director for educational work.

Aunt Umitkul, who believes that “the more we study, the less education we have, the less we will have”, always takes the reins of education and pays special attention to educating young people as true patriots of our sovereign country.

In October 2009, Duisenov Meyramkhan Musakhanovich was appointed director of the vocational lyceum №. 11.

It is a matter of time to adapt to the modern world and follow the path laid out by the President. Following this direction, the director of the Shielin Industrial-Agrarian College Duisenov Meyramkhan Musakhanovich immediately realized that it would be more efficient to work with social institutions in accordance with market relations, and began to work in this direction.

On February 19, 2010 Baimbetova Gulmira Esbolatovna was appointed Deputy Director for Academic Affairs of the College of Kazakh Language and Literature. During this time, he made some changes. In particular, in 2013, under the guidance of G. Baimbetova, teachers of special disciplines in the specialty “Operator of a compressor installation” K. Aushal, G. Zhumatov, S. Makhmutkyzy, D. Shaizhanov prepared a test, and as a result of the research and creativity of the production masters Orynbai Beknazarov and Gulmira Eleukeyeva’s textbook “Compressor stations” was translated into Kazakh and published in 100 copies. In 2013, he initiated the publication of a textbook for institutions of special education in the region “Collecting the experience of teachers of general and special disciplines and masters of industrial training.”

Since October 2009 he has been the director of Shieli Industrial-Agrarian College